Part 2

Virgina Tech: They said if ain't broke don't fix it, and Virgina tech winners 3 out of the 6 ACC championship game are my favorites for the ACC title. Even though they are young expect their defense to be tough and their offense follow their defense.

Dark horse: Virgina: Coming off a 4 win season I can't see anywhere but to go up, they return 14 starters 7 on offense and 7 on defense. I can see them win at least 6 and maybe 8 games this year.

Big East:
UCONN: Once again last year winner UCONN has the most probable spot to win the wild big east. They return 8 starters on offense and 7 on defense. With just the experience of playing in a bcs game will carry them through the year. They might end the season with 1 or 2 conference losses but they will still win the conference.

Dark horse: Syracuse: Like Josh said Syracuse is the one improved team from the last years. They beat all the big boys in the Big East and a couple of wins on there home turf might win them a big east title.

Big Ten:
Michigan State: Yes an upset pick but still Michigan state will have one of the best teams in the countries. They were tri champions of the big 10 last year, and had a great season until they were embarrassed by Alabama in their bowl game. Expect them to bounce back and play like of the best teams in the countries.

Dark Horse: Indiana: Yes another wild pick, but Indiana is receiving one of the best offense coordinaters in the country as their head coach in Kelvin Wilson. With an mid level schedule I can see them making a bowl game and competing for a middle spot in the big 10.

Big 12:
Oklahoma: This pick is a no brainer and might be one of the easiest picks of the day. Oklahoma with one the most talented teams in the country should walk through all the competition on the big 12. It will be interesting to see if they can keep up there 36 game home winning streak.

Dark Horse: Kansas State: Kansas state played really well last year under Bill Synder an old coach for the wildcats. With running backs like Bryce Beal expect Kansas state to finish in the top 3 of the conference.

Tulsa: a 10 and 3 mark last year and returning 9 offense of starters put Tulsa as my CUSA champs. Led by GJ Kinne and Damaris Johnson the Tulsa high scoring offense will be hard to stop.

Dark Horse: SMU: Basically what Josh said.

Independent: (NOT a confernce) Notre Dame

Northern Illinois: Returning the team that won the MAC last year will be a big help for the success of the Current Mac champions.

Sleeper: Kent State: Returning 17 starters expect Kent State to be a serious contender for the MAC title.

Mountain West:
TCU: What can you say they beat Wisconsin last year and they return 16 starters and 7 on there great defense. i don't care if Boise has Kellen Moore its all about that 4-2-5 defense that is a killer.

Dark horse: Air Force: The air force academy has some scary potential, because you just never know how to stop the triple option. If teams only have 1 week to get ready for it, the triple option will be extremly deadly.

Pac 12:
Stanford: With the best player in college football coming back in Andrew Luck and a steady team I see no reason why Stanford shouldn't just roll over all the pac 12 teams. They get Oregon at home which will be a key game to see who wins the pac 12.

Dark horse: Arizona: The wildcats always have a decent season and usually beats a big team once a year if they can do it this year they might be able to play in a bcs bowl game.

Arkansas: Don't shoot me now but I'm calling Arkansas as the winners of the sec. Returning 16 starters and one of the best receiving cores in the country expect Arkansas to win the sec.

Dark horse: Mississippi State: With a talented team that took Auburn down to the wire expect Mississippi State to do big things and maybe compete for a spot in the conference championship game.

Sun Belt:
FIU: Coming off their first ever bowl win, FIU has tons of young talent and a great recruiting class I can see them doing big things down the road.

Dark Horse: North Texas: Josh said it all

WAC: Nevada: With Boise gone there is nobody that compete with the pistol of Nevada.

Darkhorse: Idaho: The program of Idaho has been on the rise and see if they can't compete for the 2 or 3 spot in the WAC   


  1. I'm rooting for MSU. They've always been in UM's shadow in terms of research and academia, and for them to make a name for themselves in ACC will maybe change things a bit and redeem themselves?

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  2. Your Buckeyes are in some deep water right now, with a new coach and 6 players suspended for the first 5 games I don't see them succeeding this year

  3. I spun the wheel, and it's Kansas State. Go 'Cats!

  4. American football > Rugby

    Yet here in NZ no one is interested in American football :(

  5. Ducks will win the Pac 12. without a doubt.