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This next week me and my friend over at American Sports press will be doing a 6 day rundown of college football, and have some interesting debates about certain issues. To get the best outta of this series you need to subscribe to http://americansportspress.blogspot.com/ for all the action. At the end of the week we need all the feedback we can get about what you liked, disliked, and if we should do a series like this again.

Here is the schedule
Monday: Best players in each conference
Tuesday: Predictions for each conference and dark horses
Wednesday: top 25
Thursday: Must see games of the week
Friday: BCS Bowl Games
Saturday: National Title Game, Heisman Surprise team of the year

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Yesterday Ervin Santana threw a no hitter, the 3rd of the MLB season, and 9th for the Angles organization. The question is, are no hitters becoming a regular part of the game or are they still special every single time? There has been 273 no hitters thrown all time, with the most note-able being Nolan Ryan who threw a major league record 7 no hitters over his career. What was special about Santana's no hitter, he gave up a run, which hasn't happened since Darrly Kile for the Astros won his no hitter game 7-1. Even though a no hitter is thrown doesn't mean the team is guaranteed a win, 3 times a pitcher has thrown a no hitter and still lost the game. Ken Johnson, Steve Barber, and Andy Hawkins have all thrown no hitters but lost the game. So again with the recent string of no hitters is the no hitter thinning out as one of the most exciting things for baseball, or is still exciting every time?

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Bonus question: Who was the first pitcher every to throw a no hitter? If you get it right 1st I will give you a shout out in my next blog, no using the internet to cheat!       



This is about how much the common person knows about the NFL lockout. I turned on ESPN today and saw they were once again talking about the NFL lockout. Today they were talking about how the owners were going to take a vote, which the collective banning arrangement did pass. If you look at the schedule the labor deal had to be passed on July 21st to make sure the NFL didn't miss any preseason games. Today is July 21st, coincidence, I think not, the NFL owners and players had a plan all along. This whole thing was a publicity stunt, every-day coverage by ESPN, every day building up tension and it wouldn't surprise me if this is one of the most watched seasons of football. The whole world knew that the owners and the players didn't want to lose any of their precious money and they were going to compromise.  Therefore, this whole thing was for publicity. 

Moving onto the NBA'S lockout you see all star players like Kobe and D-Wade saying they are willing to play overseas mostly in Europe countries. This is just used for leverage as the players to "get their point across." To make it work, ESPN is hyping it up like how the NBA will miss 2 to 3 seasons before a deal is expected. This is clearly bull because the NBA would come to a halt and would be no longer useful if they take off 2 to 3 years. Therefore I plan to see something like the NFL, as in coming down to the last day of a deadline then being passed and the season being one of the most watched.

In my own opinion there won't be another lockout due to the companies seeing the results of the MLB and the NHL lockouts which actually resulted in games missed. MLB lockout cut out the last half of the season in 1995 which killed the profit and cancelled the post season for the entire major league. It brought outrage to baseball fans. The NHL lockout lasted a whole year, killing NHL stability and killing the fan base of the NHL. When the NHL picked up the next season it was nowhere as popular as previous years. Therefore I see no lockout in the future of any sport and if they do they won’t be as serious as NHL and the baseball. Leave your comments on what you think about the NFL lockout, NBA lockouts and lockouts in general!


Kingz Press future

Okay if you read my intro you know this blog is going to be mainly about sports. The sports are going to be what’s in season, for example right now baseball would be my main talking points. But I still would include big news from other sports. For example my first real blog will be my thoughts about the lockouts in sports mainly dealing with the football and basketball lockouts. I plan to do weekly power ranking that are going to be published on Sunday. I will post 4 to 5 times a week but some weeks I will be busy due to my life dealing around sports. One of those 5 days will be a recap of politics of the week and the hot topic will be breaking down republican nominees of the 2012 election. I will also do a breakdown of my favorite teams that include the Texans, Oklahoma, The Heat, and Rangers. Not only that, but I will also include other sports such as tennis, golf and NASCAR. Suggestions will be helpful for this blog, it’s here for the people to, if you want to see polls, I will add polls to get your view on subjects. So this is a brief intro on how my blog will work, and first post will be tomorrow about the lockouts in the world of sports.

Kingz out