Choosing the right Fantasy name for your team

As you all know, football season is approaching rapidly. Thus, fantasy football season is as well. Now, having a good team is always important. But choosing the right fantasy team name is key to being successful. Will you be mocked? Feared? Not taken seriously? It all depends on the name. Usually, associating your name with a player you drafted is always a good idea. For example, "The Foster Home" (Texans Running Back Arian Foster) or maybe "Somewhere over Dwayne-Bowe" (Chiefs Wide Reciever Dwayne Bowe). All of these are good names, and you could even be humorous in your team name. For example, "Show Me your TD's" or even "Favre's Footlong." All of these are good names. So when it comes kick-off time, choose a name that not only represents you, and your team, but makes your opponents tremble.



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